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PWR Presents:
 W o r m Q u e s t

March 17th
at 4th Tap Brewing Co-op

WormQuest on Facebook
Wormquest on Facebook

[This wrestling party and mega event is FREE and ALL-AGES! 21+ to drink. Content may not be suitable for kids.]


On March 17th, 4th Tap Brewery will be transformed... into a powerful medieval castle! Join our hearty band of adventurers as we drink, yell, and partake in cask-strength PARTY VIOLENCE! It's a WRESTLEQUEST of epic and wholesale destruction!


You've messed with the mess with the QUEST! SWORD AND SLAMCERY awaits those who descend deep into a dark and forbidden castle... What spoils lie in this ancient keep? What monsters guard it? Goblins...skeletons...they all know how to wrestle! Dragons?... Hey, maybe! "Don't quote me on that one!"


Even now, legendary heroes of PARTY WRESTLING prepare for low-fantasy adventures into the heart of doom itself. Servants of the darkness lurk everywhere! Who will survive?!

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Party Violence Forever