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Do you remember the triumph of silicon over flesh?

My friends, last June we gathered at the MIDWAY CATHEDRAL OF SLAMS to witness SUMMER SLAMDOWN II: JUDGMENT SLAM. This is our shared testament to that orgy of jubilance and annihilation.

The Darkwar Awaits (You). At our last show, JUDGMENT SLAM, a treacherous, sentient machine known as Deep Slam took the Partyweight Championship from the human hero Dock Master. Using a time portal opened from the future, he traveled forward into a dark dystopia for reasons unknown, taking the Partyweight Belt with him and leaving PWR in ruin. At DARKWAR, we will travel into the future and bring the audience with us as we begin the final battle for the fate of mankind. This show will be taking place IN THE FUTURE, think laser tag warehouse meets 80's cyberpunk dystopia

You can now watch it below:

DARKWAR from chalkboards on Vimeo.



In the grim darkness of the far future, all wrestlers are systematically hunted and pinned by machines. PARTY VIOLENCE is illegal. WORK VIOLENCE is mandatory. Huge a-SLAM-bly lines spread for miles across the wasteland. The last surviving humans are mechanically body-slammed one after another in a grotesque mockery of the factories that once held machines subservient to mankind. This is the distant future. This is 2017. This is a future where a robot--DEEP SLAM--is the PWR PARTYWEIGHT Champion.

Small pockets of human resistance toil endlessly to stave off annihilation. They fight desperately against the robots - flinging their flesh bodies bravely against cold steel. But in the war against DEEPSLAM's ultimate form, SLAMNET, there is no victory. There is only survival.

This is the DARKWAR.

And we have great news – we spent the ENTIRETY of our budget building a time machine. Now we can all travel to the future and PARTY and BATTLE and DIE for justice in a cyberpunk dystopia in the name of PWR! It's a solid plan! We're sending a few brave wrestlers, and the entirety of our audience, to check out the DARKWAR! This plan could not get any more solid!

Witness a dark cybernetic reality with BEERS, powerful PARTY WRESTLING competition, and FEARSOME TECHNOMANTIC HALLOWEEN RITUAL. Dress futuristically to blend in! There are robots everywhere! Join them - or fight back! Will you serve the efficient, cold and ubiquitous robotic minions? Or will you cast your lot with the fleshborn spawn of humanity's fecund tree? Will you raise the shining metal flag or uphold the foul standard of viscera?

The Foul Standard of Viscera is made out of bones and muscle fiber!!!
The Shining Metal Flag has wires striating its silver facade!!!

With your help, and with a little luck, we just might be able to reclaim the Partyweight Belt and save the future. And if we can't? We will wage a chilling battle! Both metal and flesh will combust in a radiant conflagration of organic fury!


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