Party World Rasslin'

Austin's only PARTY WRESTLING promotion


Winter Wonderslam occured on December 6, 2014 at the Sanchez Center (RIP). Slamta Claus kept us safe and full of beer. Dan the Man taught us the meaning of true treachery. And we lost a legend in Victor Von Vang (also RIP). It is a night we will not, cannot and must not forget.

You can watch it below:

Winter Wonderslam from chalkboards on Vimeo.


Winter Wonderslam


Raise your your alehorns and wineskins amidst the chill of Fimbulwinter and know the exaltation and glory of TRVE KVLT PARTY WRESTLING!

As the fall leaves crumble, so will your minds as PWR ushers in a true and lasting age of TOTAL PARTY ACTION!

Enjoy the following:
- A nearly endless bevy of frion-cold KEG BEER
- Soul-charring pizza
- men and women in costumes yelling at eachother and falling down in a 12'x12' wrestling ring

Winter Wonderslam

The Matches




Dock Master vs. California Howdy! (Dock Master Main Event Announcement)

Luigi Primo vs. Randy "The Eagle" Eagleman (Luigi Primo Makes a Good Pizza)

Ronald Roundtree and Associates Vs. Diana Hearthstone

The Nightcrawler vs. Dan the Man (The Nightcrawler Cometh)

Hot Dog vs. Rick Petaccio (Rick Petaccio Steals Christmas)