Party World Rasslin'

Austin's only PARTY WRESTLING promotion


WRESTLESLAM I: THE RIOTS OF SPRING occurred on March 7, 2015 in a new PWR venue, the Midway Cathedral of Slams. The Dock Master finally reclaimed, once and for all, the PARTYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. It was tremendous.

You can watch it below:

WRESTLESLAM from chalkboards on Vimeo.


Wrestleslam I: the Riots of Spring

At Winter Wonderslam, our blood froze as rivalries snowballed and friendships shattered like ice; the PWR multiverse was blown into a fearsome frostwaste of treachery and TRVE KVLT PVRTY VIOLENCE reigned!

Will anything EVER top the feats of daring and depravity we witnessed?! The answer is yes.

PWR Presents:

WrestleSlam I: The Riots of Spring

PWR is Austin's premier party wrestling federation, and this will be our wildest event yet. Chant, party and go totally bananas as people fall onto eachother in a vaguely wrestling-oriented fashion! Prepare for a Spring renewal of rasslin' entertainment! Heads will explode into satyrs! The leaves of every tree will inexplicably become pan flutes! Fauns will happen! Life itself will shine forth from the squared circle.

And death - the spurned half-brother of life!

Happening a full week before the madness of SXSW, you won't have to worry about lanyard fly-by-nights storming the hood! Keep Austin FEARED!



NOTHING can possibly prepare you for the following insane party regimen:
- Insane, possibly illegal amounts of libations*
- Insane, but likely not illegal amounts of cool decorations and snacks
- The most intense PARTY WRESTLING action ever witnessed. With the aid of a projection system and new raised-platform ring surface, no one will miss out on the mayhem! Definitely illegal!*

Summer Slamdown

The Matches

Raise your arms to the heavens as you recite aloud the match lineup:

Dock Master v. Dan "The Man" Ziggler (Wrestleslam I promo)

Pasta Man v. Luigi Primo (Luigi's Pizza Challenge) (Who is Pastaman?)
California Howdy v. Paw Howdy (California Howdy Wanders the Earth)
Nightcrawler v. Baron Zakhey (Nightcrawler's Nightmare)(Nightcrawler Finds A Ghost)(PWR LEGENDS: Baron Zakhey)

GARBAGEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP:Rick Petaccio v. Hot Dog (A New (Garbage) Title)

The Sonic Gentleman Open Challenge (PWR Interviews the Sonic Gentleman)
Sandly Slamsparkle (Managed by Coach Dad) v. Whiz Kid (managed by Cool Mom) (Sandy Slamsparkle and Whiz Kid Exchange Words)
Hamburger Skyway v. Randy "The Eagle" Eagleman (Is A Man... A Hamburger?)
The DEEPSLAM Gauntlet (The Return of Professor Julius Dorkenheimer)
La Nieve Negra v. Tiffany Chanel Westlake (Meet Tiffany)
FOSS Flosser v. VC Psycho (Meet FOSS Flosser)