Party World Rasslin'

Bringing a True and Lasting Apocalypse to Austin, TX since 2013


Wrestleslam 2: WRESTLEVANIA

It's been a full year since the last WRESTLESLAM, and Spring again rears its antlered head.

The green, fecund hammer of March crushes the last vestiges of the cold February. The scent of budding flowers floats heavy in the air. Dogs are everywhere, and they're all pretty happy. Yet, in the midst of the season's joyful meadow, one gothic edifice stands - darkened and ominous. One building defies the jubilant vernal radiance...


It's definitely a castle, and it's definitely haunted! You wanted to party in a castle? No? Too bad! It's time for THE RITES, and time for THE FIGHTS!
Drink the Wine of the Fauns (delicious 4th Tap craft beers) and celebrate the diurnal cycle of life and death. Witness ancient ritual as the finest PARTY ATHLETES in Austin vie for RASSLIN' SUPREMACY!
Brace yourself for an onslaught of wretched skull-flowers and spikey vines. Poise and prime to enter the castle...


Uh oh, this castle's full of Draculas! PWR promises more Draculas, more goblins, and more living shadows than any other party in Austin. That's the PWR Difference. We recommend you wear a cape.

Devastating Party Battles rage, brain-crushing liquid drinks flow freely, and eternal party mayhem await you in an ACTUAL CASTLE. 4th Tap Brewery has been submerged in the catacombs of a haunted stronghold, a river of molten green running 'neath it!


The horns and strings of the SLAMPHONY OF THE NIGHT all scream in celebration! The ultimate, dangerous gong rings out endlessly to announce a thrilling Rasslin' card.


PWR Presents: Winter Wonderslam II



--Main Event--

Dan "The Man" Ziggler vs. Theodosia

--Main Event--

Let's get one thing straight. The Ancient Guardian Theodosia is a woman from colonial times who was frozen in a block of ice. Recently, she unfroze and challenged our current PARTYWEIGHT CHAMPION to a match. She understands very little about the modern world, but she sure knows her wrestling! Dan “the Man” Ziggler is a corporate-sponsored superstar who has never been frozen. But only one competitor can walk away with the belt—the other will be put ON ICE! Metaphorically!


Randy "the Eagle" Eagleman vs. Dadbod

You want a wrestling match? How about this. A man who is turning into a bird is going to fight someone's dad. Actually, both competitors are dads. And if Dadbod's T-shirt is to be believed, he's got a motorcycle! It's Dad vs. Dad in the squared circle!


Primo Family vs. Dumpster Babes

ANOTHER TAG TEAM MATCH-UP! This furious battle will decide the fate of PWR's newest prize—THE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER BELT(s)! The owner of these belts shall be recognized by all Rasslin' Authority as the best friends in town! The renowned Italian pizza chef, Luigi Primo, stands side-by-side with the man he created out of pasta: Pasta Man! Meanwhile, Babyface and Pinkeye, the filthy monsters from the dumpster, want to ruin all pizzas and soak all pasta in foul excretion! Why can't it be the 12th already?!


Bench Horse vs. Hundo Supreme

Bench Horse! The Horse who can Bench Press! Bench Horse! He's back, and his lust for blood won't be de-NEIGHED! Can Hundo Supreme harness the power of $100 and stand toe-to-hoof with this giant horse-man? One word: GUTS


Intergalactic Express vs. the Charlie Frown Gang

TAG TEAM ACTION! The Intergalactic Express have traveled thundos of lightyears to compete in honorable competition. BUT THEY WON'T FIND THAT IN PWR! The COPYRIGHT-DESTROYING daemons known as the Charlie Frown Gang prepare to usher them, and the entire nation, into FROWNSVILLE!




Hot Dog on Trial

Our current GARBAGEWEIGHT CHAMPION, the crust punk known as HOT DOG, will face the DUBIOUS LEGAL POWER and DEFINITE PHYSICAL POWER of Railroad Officer BULL DeCROIX! The courtroom is the ring, this time.


Meet Chad Blitz Contest

Which lucky Multiverse-denizen will win the chance to hang with Celebrity Chad Blitz?! He's the same old guy, not at all twisted and corrupted into a mockery of his former self by HELLSPORT!


Live Taping with Chubby Uncle Juan

The last time we tried to film a commercial with the beloved Children's TV Host, it devolved into puppet carnage. We're going to create the exact same conditions and hope that doesn't happen again!


The Return of the Sonic Gentleman

He's back - and FASTER than ever! He VAPORIZES all other competitors with the most GENTLEMANLY FANFICTION and THOUGHT-PROVOKING debate!


...and Dongler's Cup

Who will drink from Dongler's Cup? It could be YOU!!